How to Sell a Car on ebay

Advive for over 50 drivers thinking of selling a car

Ebay can be a convenient way to sell your unwanted belongings whether they be small, inexpensive ornaments or big ticket items such as cars. However, there are some important considerations that you should bear in mind when you choose to use ebay to sell your car.

Things to Do

  • Make sure to place a reserve price that you would be happy with or you could easily end up in a situation where the winning bid is much less than the value of the car
  • Take clear pictures of the car's mileage.
  • More detail is always better. Clearly detail any damage or scratches on the car so that prospective bidders can make an informed decision. If you do not mention any such issues, then bidders may be suspicious that you are hiding something. It will be even worse if they notice issues in the pictures that you did not mention. Inaccurate or false descriptions can lead to an unhappy buyer and they may report you to ebay and refuse to pay. If you can, include scanned service documentation from your garage.
  • Take as many pictures as possible. People are visually led, and pictures allow them to better evaluate the condition and value of the car. You should ensure that you show the car from all sides, and also take pictures of the interior as otherwise it may seem as if you are hiding damage or poor condition.
  • Protect yourself - after all, the anonymity of the internet has its own dangers. You should require a deposit from the winning bidder to compensate you for your time and expenses should they not follow through on their bid. Make sure that you do not meet the winning bidder in an isolated location or on your own. Prepare a receipt that details the agreed payment and that the purchaser is accepting the car in its current condition. Do not let yourself be pressured into accepting a lower price when you meet the winning bidder.

Things to avoid when selling a car on ebay

  • Don't forget to mention the history of the car. Mention when it was last serviced, the age of the tires and any repairs that have been carried out.
  • Don't simply put the car up for auction without mentioning why you are selling it. This information will salve any worries that bidders might have about your motivations.
  • Don't forget to mention any extras. You should always try to maximise the impression that your listing makes so make sure you do not leave out any advantages that your car has over similar models. For example, if you have recently replaced the tires or are selling the car complete with a more up-to-date sound system then you should definitely mention this in your listing.
  • Do not leave out information about how the winning bidder is to take possession of the car. Detail whether you can deliver the car or will require the purchaser to collect it. You should also make sure to be clear about your payment terms.