Challenges of Driving Over 50

Driving Over the Age of 50 Years Old

The over 50 driver does face unique challenges which are often not a consideration for younger drivers. The main concern for the over 50 driver is the way age and health impacts on driving and the dealing with the challenges that presents with advancing age.

Age should not limit your level of mobility. However, negotiating traffic and contending with aggressive and careless drivers does mean that your senses and reflexes need to be at the optimum when you are behind the wheel. For the over 50 driver, these are points that need to be considered as the two crucial senses of sight and hearing does diminish as you approach your senior years. Similarly, the reflexes are dulled with age and you will need to extra cautious to react appropriately should you be faced with an unexpected situation.

If you have any chronic medical condition or using drugs that may make you drowsy or affect your decision-making ability, then driving may be a challenge and could put other road users and yourself at risk. While modern medicine has helped extend the average human lifespan, physical and mental changes with age are unavoidable. Not every over 50 driver faces these challenges but after the age of 50, if not sooner, the signs of advancing age becomes evident.

Your driving licence entitlement will expire at the age of 70 and chronic conditions are more likely to start in the over 50 group. Despite the fact that you are qualified to drive up until you are reassessed at 70, failure to inform the driving authority (driver and licensing authority) about any health condition that could affect your driving ability is considered as breaking the law. In the event of an accident your car insurance may not be valid and you could face prosecution for not informing the relevant parties about your ailment.

These physical limitations which are unavoidable with age may seem like a challenge for the over 50 driver. However, over 50 drivers have been shown to be statistically less likely to be involved in a car accident than younger drivers. Understanding your capabilities, altering your driving habits accordingly and informing the relevant parties about the challenges you face as an over 50 driver will not hamper your right to use the roads and enjoy the freedom of driving your own car.