Common MOT Problems

Common issues that are often picked up on MOT's

MOTMost drivers consider a car as being road worthy if it appears to be in sound mechanical condition in terms of the engine, steering, suspension and braking. However, most common MOT problems are due to issues that many drivers think of as being a minor bother and do not identify as being a potential shortfall.

Car light problems are among the more common reasons for a refusal to issue a MOT certificate. While any fault with the main headlamps is clearly evident, most drivers fail to notice other problems in terms of side and rear indicators, hazard lights, number plate lamps, braking lights and fog lamps.

A compromised exhaust system is another common MOT problem. Most drivers will not miss the rowdy blowing noise of a hole in the exhaust but smaller holes, a broken exhaust harness and gas emissions from the exhaust are fairly innocuous. For the driver who is not mechanically inclined or attentive, a defective exhaust is easily missed.

Suspension problems on a car are not obvious to the average driver. It is difficult to detect any problems with the suspension system unless you are experiencing a very bumpy ride. The concern with a car's suspension system is not isolated to the quality of the ride but it can also affect your car's braking ability and road handling.

Inadequacies with a car's braking system are another common MOT problem as many drivers only become aware of an issue when the brakes start to screech. However, even worn out brakes can be fairly silent and if you do not detect the poor braking distance in everyday driving, you will surely appreciate the shortfall when you need it the most.

MOT is essentially a validation of car's road worthiness and verification that it will not pose a hazard to the driver or other road user's safety. Missing problems with your car's seatbelts, fastened and secure seats, door hinges, horn, worn tyres and defective wipers is inexcusable. These common MOT problems are clearly evident even to the untrained eye and should be taken care of well before your annual MOT test.